Bike Seat Clamps

Bike Saddle Clamps

Seat clamp, component that secures the seat post to the bicycle frame. The main and most common measures are 34.9, 31.8 and 28.6mm, the latter in older frames and bmx. It will always be important before buying the seat clamp to be sure what the frame tube measures from the outside or as a last resort, to know the seat post measurement, where the seat post measurement is always higher than the seat post . The adjustment and closing options are through a screw or quick fastening, also known as quick release. In our online store you will certainly find your saddle clamp in the size and color of your preference. We also have a clamp with dual function, in addition to fixing the seat post, it also allows the attachment of luggage racks. Always find everything you need in your allbike store.

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