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How to install new bicycle grips?

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How to install new bicycle handles?

How many times have you damaged new bicycle grips handles or used ones trying to remove? - or did you use that oil that the name starts with "W" and ends with a "zero"? - or other lubricating liquids that end up never disappearing again and it seems that there are accelerators on the handlebar instead of fixed and comfortable handles?

Therefore, in some contacts with customers, we found that it was necessary to pass on this information so that it can be used by everyone.

Use alcohol, both when uninstalling and installing the handles. This product is undoubtedly the "best friend" of the handles, due to being efficient in its liquid state and evaporating in a few minutes thus eliminating any residue that may let the handles slide or move up.

How to remove bicycle handles?

With a small syringe and a small 3mm Allen wrench, raise the handle so that the alcohol can take up space between the handlebars and the handle. From that moment on, rotate the handle in the area where the small amount of liquid was applied in short movements and add a little more as you feel the handlebar release.

remover punhos bicicleta

How to install bicycle handles?

Without using any tools, apply alcohol to the handlebar and inside the handle and to the example of removal, with short, rotating movements in both directions.

instalar punhos bicicletacolocar punhos novos bicicleta

We hope this post was useful and in the future simplify the intervention in replacing the handles or even when you only need to remove it for maintenance of the bike.