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New Shimano B03s Brake Pads

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The new Shimano B03s brake pads provide more reliability and increased strength in your braking.

What's new about the Shimano B03s brake pads?

Endurance has been vastly increased due to their new resin compound with significant improvements in braking smoothness and noise with the power of the action being more predictable due to modulation capability. Shimano's new B03s brake pads are the right choice for braking your bike.

Why resin pads?

-Flexible compound;

-Less noise;

-Improved braking control;

-Suitable for all types of weather conditions;

Compatibility between the disc and the brake pad

Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and never use metal brake pads on brake discs that only accept resin brake pads. In the case of Shimano the models that can only use resin pads are the SM-RT56, SM-RT54, SM-RT-30, SM-RT20 and the SM-RT10.

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Another aspect to take into consideration is the width of the disc, using a narrow type disc with the new B03s brake pads decreases its durability considerably.


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