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Tubeless, a natural evolution!

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If we talk about evolution, bicycles have been a target in recent decades.

In the search for safety, comfort and efficiency the technology used in your wheels through the tubeless system is a point that should not be overlooked and is no longer intended only for bicycles of certain segments. Today it is accessible and easy for everyone to convert.

But why tubeless on a bicycle?

Instead of using an inner tube, tubeless tyres seal themselves to the wheel rim, creating a structure that does not allow air to escape. This means that in the event of a small puncture, the air slowly leaks out as a result of the technology Furthermore, by using a tubeless system you enjoy a smooth and comfortable rotation. By dispensing with the use of the inner tube you will have less friction and less vibration, which means an added value to the use of your bike as well as eliminating weight from your wheels, an important factor for the most competitive cyclists. Another advantage of the tubeless system is greater efficiency.

With the disappearance of the internal friction caused by the inner tube, the bicycle becomes more agile associated to more safety. From an environmental point of view, it is also a viable solution as it reduces the consumption of inner tubes, clearly showing its enormous contribution to a more sustainable future.

Tubeless Ready, you've certainly heard of it!

A valid option for users who want to experience the benefits of tubeless tyres, but don't want to invest in new wheels or adapters. This system is designed to be compatible with clincher wheels through a small conversion and becomes the most economical solution. How does Tubeless Ready work? With your clincher rims placing a rim tape will seal the perforated area of the spokes and with the installation of tubeless valves can seal off any attempted air leakage. To combat any imperfection of the rims, it is imperative to use liquid sealant that in addition to preventing, corrects the holes keeping your ride always active. Important to note that the TR system does not offer the same performance as a native tubeless system.

However, it is important to note that the tubeless ready system does not offer the same level of performance and safety as a complete tubeless system, with wheels and tyres designed specifically for this type of use.