• Ariete


    Ariete, a company founded in 1947, has had a fantastic journey and the change as well as the transformation has been fantastic, with ideas into high-performance products, thanks to 3 generations of passionate people who have made it possible. This brand's mission is to optimise our production methods, making us more sustainable, reducing our ecological footprint and respecting the planet and all living beings.

  • Barbieri Pnk

    Barbieri Pnk

    Barbieri Pnk was born in 1983 from the imagination of its founder when he created the first chain washer, a simple and ingenious tool that revolutionised the way chains were cleaned. A few years later, he designed a mini-pump that didn't exist at the time, the famous pompita. The Italian company has added various bicycle accessories over the years. The brand is always innovative, designing new products to improve cyclists' experience.

  • Chaoyang


    Over the last few years, tyre manufacturer Chaoyang has focused on communicating with various users in different countries to develop its products. By getting to know their complex environments, it has been able to develop quality and performance tyres. With a passion for what it does, it has become a world-renowned company with consistency in everything it produces.

  • Continental


    Continental, founded in Hanover, Germany, in 1871, is at the forefront of developing technology and services for sustainable mobility. From a small factory in Hanover, the company has grown into a benchmark brand that currently operates in 58 countries and markets. Continental is the oldest independent tyre manufacturer and over the past 150 years, the company has set standards in the tyre industry with its pioneering spirit and innovative strength.

  • CST


    Cheng Shin Tire is one of the world's largest bicycle tyre manufacturers with representation in more than 150 countries. CST products include bicycle tyres and tubes. Headquartered in Xiamen, China, CST's operations feature state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment with a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Deed


    Deed bicycles was born after more than 25 years of experience in the production of all types of bicycle. They make the most of the roads and trails with Deed bikes, guaranteeing the utmost reliability. Deed bikes strive to differentiate themselves and showcase the excellent performance of their various models in everyday use, both for occasional users and those who are more enthusiastic.

  • Elite


    Four decades old, Elite is a company fuelled by cycling enthusiasts. With a focus on providing unrivalled and innovative products, it has created a true cycling community over the years. The Elite brand team is made up of 60 individuals who have extensive knowledge of the world of cycling.

  • Eltin


    Eltin, a brand of cyclists for cyclists with more than 20 years where the passion for cycling and bicycle has led to bring a range of products so that they can help to make the use of the bike more enjoyable and with better performance. With a clear mission, to be a reference brand in the offer of affordable and functional cycling solutions for all types of bike users.

  • Elvedes


    Elvedes is a family business with a long and rich history, inextricably linked to the world of two wheels. The journey began on 8 February 1965, when the next day they issued their first invoice to the Staals bicycle shop in Utrecht. This was the beginning of an adventure that continues to this day.

  • Force


    Force, a brand of bicycle components and accessories originating in the Czech Republic, which for the past 30 years has positioned itself as one of the leading brands of bicycle parts in Europe. The quality of bicycle components and accessories is evidenced mainly by the fact that it is the choice of several professional cycling teams.

  • Gurpil


    Bike components and accessories brand founded in 1982 in Spain with experience and awareness of the sector needs. With a wide range of offer meets the objective of meeting a real demand aimed at the most demanding user. With more than 40 years of experience and based on the initial commitment of offering the complete wheel as a finished product without the need to acquire different components.

  • Icetoolz


    The iGPSPORT brand is known for providing high quality Gps devices for outdoor activities such as cycling and running. The brand offers a wide range of devices including cycling computers, monitoring devices and fitness trackers. The data capabilities are accurate and with a full connectivity with smartphones and apps while the batteries have an above average autonomy.

  • Joe´s No Flats

    Joe´s No Flats

    Joe's No-Flats provides the cycling market with the world's most effective anti-puncture sealant. The product range includes ammonia-free latex-based sealants, tubeless solutions and accessories, self-sealing inner tubes, tubeless conversion kits, lubricants based on the most advanced Nano technology, excellent degreasers and much more.

  • Kenda


    Kenda Rubber Ind. Company has been a tyre manufacturer in Taiwan since 1962, with factories in Taiwan, China and Vietnam. They produce tyres for bicycles, motorbikes, quad bikes, trailers, cars and industrial equipment. Kenda was the 27th largest tyre manufacturer in the world in 2010. The quality of its products is designed to guarantee the greatest safety for its users

  • Kmc


    Innovative technology, easy riding, Kmc Chains, taiwan based bike chain manufacturer. Known for strong collaboration with the biggest bike brands in the world, where in recent years it has a strong development in chains for e-bikes. Robustness and longevity is one of the arguments for kmc bike chains.

  • Kujo


    Rollin'it right, the slogan for Kujo tyres and tubes that fit anywhere with extraordinary performance and reliability at an excellent price. With over 20 years' experience in the development and distribution of bicycle tyres. That's what Kujo is all about, offering you maximum functionality at an unbeatable price.

  • Kurven
  • Lazer
  • M-Wave


    M-Wave, the leading German brand on the world market for bicycle components and accessories. With a wide range of innovative and high quality products they are marketed in more than 70 countries. Discover all M-Wave products at ALLBIKE. It covers the most diverse segments of cycling and always with the greatest rigor in the quality of its products. With a wide range of innovative and high quality products they are marketed in more than 70 countries. Discover all M-Wave products

  • Mach1


    Mach1, based in the Saint Etienne region of France, the historic heart of cycling and the bicycle, has specialised in the production of spokes and spoke heads since 1937 and began manufacturing rims in 1996. Mach1 has added its savoir-faire in the design and production of wheel-mounting machines and wheel components.

  • Mavic
  • Maxxis


    Maxxis, a premium tyre company that provides excellent products distributed globally. With a focus on advanced technology, its tyres transform users' lives by providing an excellent experience. The brand is associated with winners, including Olympic athletes and world record holders, and therefore the obligation to produce high quality tyres that win in competition. The talent of its employees is the key to success at every finish line.

  • Michelin


    Michelin was founded in 1889 by two brothers in France and has a commercial presence in more than 170 countries. Specialising in the most diverse areas of mobility, the bicycle could not fail to be present in the brand for road, mountain and e-bikes. Michelin priority is a serious commitment to offering unsurpassed quality to all users of its products.

  • Mitas


    The history of the Mitas brand goes back to the thirties of the last century. Currently, Mitas brand tires are produced in factories located in six European countries and in a factory in America. The latest European production plant in Otrokovice started operating in 2013. Quality and reliability are the driving force of the Mitas brand.

  • Neco


    Neco, founded in 1986 in Taiwan, is a company that develops bicycle components, including steering series, bottom brackets, pedals and many other parts. It has been at the forefront of design and development for over 30 years in the field of cycling. Offering high quality products has been Neco's goal to make cycling a reality globally.

  • Neomouv


    Neomouv electric bikes. The French brand Neomouv operates in the electric bicycle market, offering a wide range of models with excellent performance and stylish design.



    Since its foundation in 1999, during the heyday of MTB (Mountain Bike) culture in Spain and around the world, ONOFF has emerged as a driving force in the world of bicycle components. Based in Elche, Alicante, the Spanish brand has established a solid and respected reputation for its passion for MTB, quality engineering and innovative design.

  • Ozone


    Ozone cycling, a Portuguese brand with more than 20 years of action.

  • Park Tool

    Park Tool

    With a creative eye and problem-solving skills, they recognised the need for a more convenient and ergonomic way of working on bicycles.

  • Peaty´s


    Peaty´s, brand dedicated to bicycle cleaning and protection products.

  • Pirelli
  • Pro Bikegear

    Pro Bikegear

    PRO, a brand of bicycle components originating in the Netherlands, has a mission to provide bicycle users, whether they are professionals or enthusiasts. A brand of the Shimano group, it develops its products based on achieving the best performance and competitive pace. In partnership with professional cyclists, PRObikegear has managed to overcome all technological challenges to keep its users at the forefront.

  • Promax
  • Response
  • RockShox


    Since it was founded in 1989, RockShox has been one of the leading brands in the world of suspension and shock absorbers for bicycles, with a revolutionary spirit and an experience for all cyclists. Its founder, a visionary cyclist and engineer, pioneered the development of suspension technologies that have significantly improved comfort, control and performance.

  • Rubena Tyres

    Rubena Tyres

    Rubena Tyres is committed to and believes in sustainable mobility. Whether for commuting, recreation or in the sporting sphere, they believe that your bicycle should be equipped with the tyres that help you to arrive as safely and comfortably as possible.

  • Samox


    In the dynamic world of cycling, where every pedal stroke counts and every component must work flawlessly, one brand stands out for its unwavering commitment to innovation and quality: Samox. Since its foundation in 2003, Samox has been at the forefront of creating cutting-edge product solutions for cyclists of all levels - from competitive athletes to weekend riders and everyday cyclists.

  • Schwalbe
  • Selle Italia

    Selle Italia

    Since 1897, Selle Italia has been a pioneer in the manufacture of bicycle saddles, with a history spanning more than a century. Founded on the outskirts of Milan, in the village of Corsico, the brand began its journey making saddles for bicycles used in everyday life, when the car was an unattainable luxury for most people.

  • Shimano


    Shimano, a Japanese company that is approaching 100 years of existence, is currently a world reference in cycling components.

  • Specialites T.A.
  • Sram


    Founded in 1987 with just a single product, inspiration was one of the pillars for today being one of the leading brands of bike drivetrain components. In the 90's the brand yearned for rapid evolution and the desire was to keep up with the reference brands, and quickly evolved to building the first rear derailleur with the first 1:1 ratio and from that moment on the peripheral components didn't take long to appear.

  • SSR
  • Super B

    Super B

    Super B, a leading brand of bicycle tools with a proud reputation for excellence.

  • Tannus


    Never stop riding. The Tannus brand is dedicated to developing innovative puncture protection products on bicycle wheels. In addition to the Tannus Armor product, it has solid tires and the latest novelty, protection for tubeless wheels and all this so that the practice of cycling is not interrupted by punctures.

  • Token


    The TOKEN brand was founded in Taichung, Taiwan, in 2002 by James Chang, who already had extensive experience in the cycling industry. With 27 years of experience, James realised that precision is key to creating products that improve the rider's experience.

  • Truvativ


    Truvativ emerged on the bicycle scene with a clear purpose: to offer high-quality, high-performance components for cyclists of all disciplines. Founded in the mid-1990s, Truvativ quickly distinguished itself as an innovative brand in the bicycle components sector.

  • Union


    The company was founded in 1899 by Wilhelm Feuerhake in Fröndenberg (Germany), a mass producer of bicycle components. As the economy and industry in Germany developed, Union also had to think about its future.

  • Unior


    Unior Tools is one of the world's leading representatives of the metal processing industry. It builds on its success with excellent synergies and three production segments for hand tools, one of which is for bicycle mechanics with reliable and highly successful relationships.

  • Velo


    Velo, more than 35 years old, optimizes and completes its bicycle trips with maximum quality, comfort, functionality at an attractive price and with a design aligned with the signs of the time.

  • Velox


    Velox, a French company that produces and sells its products all over the world. Velox has been around for over 100 years and remains very focused on improving its bicycle products.

  • Ventura


    Ventura offers a wide range of cycling accessories where safety for the user comes first with maximum compliance to the latest production standards.

  • Zéfal
  • Zoom


    Zoom has successfully produced bicycle handlebars, seatposts, stems and forks since 1991.