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In compliance with the law in force, the customer has up to 30 (thirty) days from delivery to return the product of their purchase without need to invoke any reason and without payment of compensation.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the product of my purchase?

If you want to return one or more products, you can do so within 30 days from the day of delivery and following the next steps:

1) - Enter your client area;

2) - See "order history and details" and then "order details" containing the product;

3) - Place a visa on the product you want to return and also choose quantity if applicable;

4) - In the comment box, indicate the reason for statistical questions only;

5) - Finish your return request by clicking "Return requested"

Your order will be validated by us and you will receive the process updates via email as follows:

- Email "Waiting for package" - From this moment you can consult your client area in history and details to have access to the process number and a form. Send the goods you want to return to our address as soon as possible;

- Email "Package received" - When you receive this information by email it is because we acknowledge receipt of the returned product;

- Email "Complete return" - We have completed the return process and you will receive a credit note of the return value;

Return Conditions

 a) The customer should not send the product (s) without being informed of the number assigned to the return, as it will not be identified and accepted.

 b) Never return with a refund (charge)

 c) The return of the product must comply with the following conditions:

 c.1) Return of the product in new condition (unused), with original packaging and accompanied by the respective invoice:

 c.2) If the packaging is damaged and the product has obvious marks of use, we reserve the right not to accept return or exchange;

 c.3) At the time of submission of the return the customer will be informed to where to return the return;

 c.4) The customer may request a refund of the cost of the product (s) or credit for future purchases;

 c.5) Once the return is received and validated in accordance with the return conditions, the refund will be made within a maximum of 2 days;

 c.6) If the customer wants a refund, he must indicate the bank transfer nib;

 c.7) The monetary refund of return will always refer to the value of the product and never to the amounts spent by the customer in shipping and travel;

 c.8) The cost of return is the responsibility of the purchase, except in case of defect or anomaly.

 c.9) Custom products will not be accepted returns;

 c.10) Returns or exchanges of products sold by Marketplace sellers are managed by the sellers themselves;

We advise you to consult the remaining information on terms and conditions regarding warranty and shipments.

Returns and exchanges of products or services Marketplace

The rules and management of returns and exchanges of products marketed by Marketplace partners are managed exclusively by them. The conditions will always be presented in the general terms of sale of the partners or at the time of purchase in accordance with the law in force.

Additional information

In the event that the shipping container is damaged at the time of delivery, you should check its contents and file the claim with the carrier at the time.

If you find that the content is damaged, you should refuse delivery and report and report it to us.

For any additional information you may wish to clarify, we are available through our contact details.

Use the email for information request or on + 351 916 023 217